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John F. Kennedy

8 times life -sized bust on the corner of President Kennedy and Jeanne Mance boulevards in Montreal ( near the Theater of the Performing Arts )

Raoul Blouin

Another French Canadian millionaire developer in Montreal, Que.

David Bengurion

Father of Israel posed in person and engraved his signature in the clay model in Hebrew.

Nathan Phillips

Former Mayor of Toronto posed in person while working in his office. The bronze sits in the new city hall.

Cardinal Paul Emile Leger

Quebec’s preeminent and revered Cardinal noted for his Philanthropic endeavors. The bronze sits in the foundation bearing his name and works.

Dr. Armand Frappier

Internationally renowned microbiologist . His bronze sits in the Institute bearing his name in Laval, Quebec.

Dr. Paul David

Renowned cardiologist and senator who founded the Montreal Heart Institute in Montreal, Quebec. His bronze sits in the lobby of the Institute.

Rene Levesque

The honorable former premier and founder of the Parti Quebecois , the National Sovereignest Movement in Quebec. The larger than life , monumental bronze was commissioned by Hydro Quebec, the national Hydro Electric Utility. Paul Lancz was asked to create the definitive bust of this illustrious figure , as the existing ones did not do him justice.

Jean Paul Lemieux

Internationally acclaimed artist -painter from Quebec , revered in his native province as the quintessential interpreter of the national soul and psyche. The larger than life - size bronze was commissioned by the government in addition to several corporate sponsors. It will be erected in Quebec city in the spring of "99".

Jayne Mansfield

Celebrated actress - glamorous sex symbol American icon of the 60’s. She posed in person for Paul Lancz in his studio in Montreal in the late 60’s.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Controversial American actress .Her bust was begun in New York in 1962 and completed in her home in Hollywood. Paul Lancz takes pride in having captured her refined physiognomy for posterity.

Dosza Gyorgy

Famed Hungarian freedom fighter in 16th century Hungary. He is a highly revered historical figure.

Theodore Herzl

Father of Zionism. To be presented to Edgar Bronfman of the World Health Organization

Rene Lepine

Eminent multi millionaire developer in Montreal , Quebec.

Mrs. Rene Lepine

Wife of previously mentioned prominent developer in bronze.

Pierre Peladeau

Founding father of Quebecor Inc. , the third largest Publishing company in North America. His bronze bust sits in the board room of Quebecor Inc.

Horace Boivin

Former Mayor of Granby, Quebec. Tenure of 30yrs. And credited with having put the city of Granby on the map. The larger than life -sized bronze stands in front of the City Hall .

Martin Luther King Jr.

Prominent civil rights crusader was assassinated in the early 60's. This is the small scale clay model, the larger version of which is destined to be erected in Miami. As this is only a preliminary study, the large scale model promises to be a monumental, forceful, passionate and evocative rendition embodiment of this remarkable man.

Peter Lancz

Son and agent at the age of 10yrs in clay.

Laszlo Papp

Original clay model of three time gold medalist boxing olympian for Hungary. It sits in the Hungarian Sports Ministry.

Daniel Johnson

Former Premier of Quebec. The larger than life sized bronze bust sits in the Hubert Aquin Pavilion of the University of Quebec in Montreal .

Ludmilla Chiriaeff

The Founder of the "Les Grands Ballet Canadien", in Montreal, Quebec. A very steadfast, persevering, class act, she is dubbed as the Grande Dame du Ballet, and is credited with having put Quebec Ballet on the international stage.

Alexis Nihon

Prominent land developer- this is the original bronze bust, sitting in the lobby of the Alexis Nihon Corporation in Montreal. He is also a distinguished member of the O.B.E. or the Order of the British Empire.