In memoriam to the very embodiment of "Tenderness" my mother Mrs. Elizabeth Lancz.

The clenched fist....resignedly, forbearingly, agonizingly tolerant, the diverted, brooding gaze.. pleading, importuning, asking why obliging, yielding, seldom ruffling a feather... my dear mother bore it all, in health and in sickness, selfless, self-sacrificing, her love new no bounds... How the oppressive, inexorable weight of this question sears my heart, wrenches my soul- How can I tell you now that your gone... searching constantly for something, anything that will signal to me that you hear me... that the love for you I bottled up, can gush forth in torrents that will suffuse you for eternity... may my love for you be as enduring, unwavering and indestructible as are these words indelibly etched in marble with the utmost "Tenderness"

Your loving son, Peter

  Unlike the ubiquitous mother and child themes , Paul Lancz's representation is unique, in that the mother is not holding the child, rather the figures depict two equally significant entities expressing devotion to one another. The child kisses the mother's hand, the mother the child's forehead. Despite the lack of movement , we perceive a fluidity, a harmonious , unified motion inherent in its composition . The ultimate result is a mother and child loftily transcending all others, in its resounding evocation of the infallible sanctity of this eternal bond.

Paul Lancz’s sculpture called "TENDERNESS" depicting mother and child in white carrera marble, has in a short time become the most favorably talked about piece of art in the city. Its message is clear, definitive and unequivocal. In a world where everything is violable nothing sacred especially human beings "TENDERNESS" stands out as an infallible symbol of indestructibility and invulnerability. Noble and dignified it is as impregnable as the Rock of Gibraltar. Its relevancy is particularly apt today, when depravity and dissolution is pervasive. It is a beacon of hope that these trying times will pass and that "TENDERNESS" will prevail the world over.

The mother’s all enveloping, tender embrace of child, creates a unified accurate composition. This modern form, integrates wonderfully with the ambiance of the building, moreover like a piece of jewelry it decorates and complements the walkway.Generally speaking, the meaning or motivation of modern sculpture eludes the individual leaving one more confounded than enlightened. "TENDERNESS" on the contrary is self-explanatory and readily graspable. Mankind’s most noble and magnanimous sentiment is evoked by a mothers’ love for child. From all angles "TENDERNESS" achieves the desired effect upon the spectator. Unlike the ubiquitous mediocrity of sculptures pervading our city, here is one of harmony, comprehensibility and an aesthetically pleasing symbol of love and altruism. It would become an indispensable adjunct to the cultural and artistic aspect of our city scape. It is a labor of love with a truly therapeutic effect on the human psyche.

  Exquisite 32cm. Small scale replicas also on a black granite base available.

Photo Credit: Alain Cornu

This small scale replica is the most emotionally gratifying gift possible and can be bestowed on the following occasions:

  1. Expectant mothers
  2. Arrival of a newborn
  3. Anniversaries
  4. Mother’s Day
  5. Mother’s birthday
  6. A child’s birthday
  7. Family occasions
  8. Xmas present from children
  9. Wedding anniversaries

Peter Lancz
Montreal, Québec



If upon gazing "Tenderness" we can deter just one potentially violent individual from committing an aggressive act , Paul Lancz will have succeeded beyond all expectations with this truly unique piece of art.

Let me recount a short story corroborating our premise that
TENDERNESS does indeed have a therapeutic effect on the human psyche -

A young woman to whom I recently sold a small replica told me that an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s who spoke very haltingly , saw a photo of the original large scale model and exclaimed, "beautiful" !!!