International Center For Human Rights and Democratic Development
June 10, 1998

To whom it may concern:

As president of the International Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development , I am highly receptive to causes that promote our mandate. Therefore, the Raoul Wallenberg worldwide campaign against racism struck me with particular aptness and relevance. Paul Lancz, one of North America’s most famed and illustrious sculptors has achieved resounding success with his Montreal based Wallenberg memorial. Its physiognomy masterfully evokes conviction, determination and courage that enabled Raoul Wallenberg to accomplish feats unparalleled in the annals of mankind. This magnanimous persona indelibly etched in the minds of our youth the world over, can only have a profound affect upon human rights sensitization. Therefore , I wholeheartedly support his endeavor and eagerly await its much needed realization.


Warren Allmand, P.C., Q.C.